The Power of Plural

Branding, Art Direction, Typography and 3D
Changers is the annual management gathering of SFMS: an international global holding company with businesses in every area from retail to environment. 
This year the topic was The Power of Plural. With a name like Changers, the logo had to change too. It revolved around a series of custom 3D letterforms with a set of different patterns that stretched, shrunk and moved constantly. 
The colour scheme was evolved from the SFMS logo and the supporting typography was pared back so the 3D visuals could shine.

Client: Sociedade Francisco Manuel dos Santos
Creative Direction: Miguel Viana
Strategy: Joaquim Albergaria
Identity & Design: Sebastião de la Guardia
Copywriting: Joaquim Albergaria
3D: Francisco Cunha & Sebastião de la Guardia
Motion: Pino Maia
Account Management: Patrícia Lontrão

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