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Creative Director

Kitch is a food-tech startup with the goal of helping restaurants deliver their dishes on their terms and remain true to themselves by offering reliable software strictly for restaurants.

As Creative Director at Kitch, I lead the full repositioning of the company and worked with a small but talented in-house design team and a slew of freelance collaborators (from film directors to photographers) to build a bold and unique brand that made it obvious to every restaurant that we got their back.

We built everything from scratch, from an award-winning short doc series to every last email newsletter, to make sure every piece of communication packed a punch.

Client: Kitch
Agency: Kitch In-House Design Team
VP Marketing: Filipa Corrêa Mendes
Creative Direction: Seb de la Guardia
Strategy: Inês Lopes Silva
Design: Seb de la Guardia // Bárbara Caria
Copywriting: Inês Lopes Silva
UX Writing: Nadine Frick
Motion: André Peixoto // Seb de la Guardia // Bárbara Caria
Case photograhy: Matilde Cunha
Lifestyle photography: Pluma // Carline D'Almeida // Ben Drame
Website: Seb de la Guardia // Onda Studio

We designed a vibrant and bold colour scheme influenced by what is found in a typical restaurant kitchen with a punchy pink that separates from the competition.
Brand Tagline

We searched for a punchy and action-oriented way to showcase what Kitch offers to restaurants as well as the mentality of the brand. We found it: Fuel the Fire.​​​​​​​

The passion is already there, we just take it to new heights. A tagline that positions Kitch as the fuel that ignites the fire in chefs, restaurant managers and owners. It's also a play on fire as passion and the literal fire across stovetops.

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