Delta Q Qids

Kids // Digital Collectibles

Concept // Design // Illustration // Naming

This project was awarded Gold at Young Lions Competition in the Design category. 

We were asked by Delta Q to develop a line of collectibles for kids aged 7-12, for their Qids product offering. 

We decided to create a collection of strictly digital collectible and customisable trading cards called: Qaps, a family of happy characters that entertain and teach at the same time.

Client: Delta Q Qids
Competition: Cannes Young Lions
Category: Design
Award: Gold 

A collaboration with Sofia Ayuso

Qaps is an online platform for Delta Q digital trading cards. Inside each box of Delta Qids there's a code for 10 qoins.

Kids can log on the Qaps platform and use their qoins to buy, sell and trade their cards.

Characters are released as thematic drops, with different characters and different topics. Each character has its own value based on rarity.

Drop 1 is the world of coffee-making.
Drop 2 is about green energies.
Drop 3 is about space exploration.
Extra Extra!

Kids can acquire add-ons for their character. 

Here, not only can kids customise their Qaps cards, 
but brands can also interact with the Qaps universe.

Specific collaborations with relevant brands, sports clubs, musicians or videogames could be created to leverage the Qaps brand relevance.

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