Comunidade Vida e Paz


Advertising Campaing // Art Direction // Design // Editorial // Photography

Senior Designer
Comunidade Vida e Paz is a non-profit organisation with the aim of giving support to the homeless community in Portugal. 
Every Christmas they mobilize hundreds of people to create a big party. This event is a hub of services and experiences that focus on integrating everyone that is out on the streets daily without a home.

To raise awareness, raise funds and create a sense of community we decided to tell a different Christmas story. One that features success stories from all the facets that the Community touches: volunteers, former homeless people and benefactors. 

These stories were then told throughout the the campaign. To inspire people to volunteer. To donate. And for the people out in the street to make the decision to get help.

Client: Comunidade Vida e Paz
Agency: Unlock Brands
Creative Direction: Carlos Constantino
Identity & Design: Seb de la Guardia
Copywriting: Joaquim Albergaria
Photography: Ricardo Casal

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