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Designer, as part of team FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup needs no introductions.

While at Unlock Brands I was in the team responsible for developing the FWC2022 brand. The agency won the pitch to design the brand and my involvement started after the Official Logo was approved. The task was then to create a complete look and feel that could be applied to everything from stadium and city dressing to social media and broadcasting assets.

The project spanned for about 2.5 years with multiple iterations and proposals until the project arrived at the final brand that was rolled out all across the globe. 

My role included a variety of sub-projects. In the initial phase: designing various proposals for the Official Look & Feel, then research and benchmarking for the Official Mascot, creating multiple design pieces that showcased the brand in all its glory, and finally giving the brand structure in order to design a bulletproof 200 page long Brand Guidelines.

Client: FIFA // Qatar Organising Committee
Agency: Unlock Brands
Creative Direction: Miguel Viana
Head of Design: Carlos Constantino
Head of Strategy: José Cerqueira
Official Logo: Carlos Constantino // Patrick Santos
Typography: Carlos Constantino // Dino Santos // Rui Abreu // Hussein Alazaat
Design & Art Direction: Carlos Constantino // Ana Warrell // Patrick Santos // Vasco Cotta // Seb de la Guardia
Brand Guidelines: Ana Warell // Seb de la Guardia // Joaquim Albergaria
Copywriting: José Cerqueira // Joaquim Albergaria
Animation: Francisco Cunha

Typeface designed by Carlos Constantino + DS Type Foundry

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