Here you will find personal projects, smaller work, random experiments and miscellaneous findings.
4 Designers Enter A Videocall
In the current Covid-19 reality, groups of friends don’t get together in a physical space, but in a group call instead. I’m lucky to be friends with some insanely talented people. In one of these occasions I got together with João Neves, Sofia Ayuso and Rúben Rodrigues. This is an illustrated representation of that event.
A special mention to Helen Lili for the inspiration.
Stay Home
A little colourful call to action for these trying times.
Made into a poster and featured on Stay Sane Stay Safe and Designers Against Coronavirus.
Work: Ica
A Peruvian sweater brand, with a logo inspired by trapezoid structures frequent in Inca architecture and colours from the flag of the Ica region in Peru.
Work: DX
Visuals for a tech festival, themed after Digital Transformation (DX). A simple yet flexible identity where the letters transform and adapt themselves to each layout format.
Work for The Design Kids December Workshop, spotted on Bürocratik's Büromarks.
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